David Grasby

I am seeking employment in the warehousing and logistics fields. I am open to storeperson, pick-packing as well as administrative positions. I am a mature, professional person who has worked in a wide variety of occupations over the course of my adult life. The roles I have undertaken range from administrative positions to research and […]

Izack Ing

I seek employment in the Business, Mining and Logistics Industries. My key proven skills are leadership, adaptability and flexibility. I would be an asset to your company because of my work attributes, especially my attention to detail, communication with customers. Always eager to learn and work.

Alexandra Furness

I’m a highly driven and motivated professional with a large background in community services with a proven history of achieving a high customer satisfaction. Working in a fast paced environment that required quick response and problem solving skills, makes me adaptable and flexible worker. Strong, confident, patient communicator makes me able to confidentially work with […]

Bailey Ballard

I wish to commit my future career within the mining industry. My key proven work skills are equipment maintenance, time management, developing and building teams, communicating with employees, and maintaining health and safety. And example of this is my time management skills whilst working at Kmart. I was always punctual for my shifts and when […]