Nathaniel Barrett

I am seeking work in Engineering, Hospitality and the Mining Industries. My proven trade skills are controlling machines and processes, interacting with computers and operating equipment along with problem solving. I would be an asset to an employer due to my key strengths, especially my adaptability/ flexibility, attention to detail and analytical thinking.

Leigh Harris

I am seeking employment in the Construction and Warehousing industries. My key proven trade skills are controlling machines, handling and moving objects and communicating with customers. I would be an asset to an employer because of my work strengths especially my resilience, co-operation and initiative.

Ishmael Cole

A reliable, hardworking, confident and honest individual with 2 months experience in hospitality seeking a new opportunity. I believe that my proven communication skills, upbeat attitude and ability to learn and succeed under tight deadlines, will make me an effective team member with your company. I thrive in team settings and work efficiently to solve […]

Sophie Garland

I bring forward a very strong work ethic along with passion to learn all aspects of the position to ensure a high quality outcome. I desire to obtain full time or casual employment in the Mining Industry. I am honest, reliable, trustworthy and flexible. I am mindful of the importance of Occupation Health and Safety […]

Stephen Holmes

I am seeking employment in the Hospitality Industry or as a FIFO Utilities Worker. I am currently in the process of gaining a Cert III in Hospitality and have extensive experience in Building and Construction in which I have skills and attributes that I can bring to the Hospitality sector.   My key proven work […]

Kogkon Barac

I seek part time and casual employment in the warehouse industry. My key proven work skills are general physical activities, handling & moving objects, and maintaining health & safety. I would be an asset to an employer because of my work attributes especially, independence, attention to detail and self control. I am focused and diligent […]