Daniel Rowland

location_onSuburb: Butler

Employment Objective

I seek employment in the transport and logistics industry. My key proven skills are operating heavy machines solving problems, maintain safety and health. I would be a asset to an employer because of my personal attributes especially adaptability, independence, attention to detail. I am available for fulltime, part time, casual, available to start work  immediately.

Key Trade Skills

  • ✓ Equipment Maintenance
  • ✓ General Physical Activities
  • ✓ Maintain Safety and Health
  • ✓ Operating Equipment
  • ✓ Repairing and maintaining equipment
  • ✓ Solving Problems

Qualifications & Certificates


  • Certificate II in Horticulture
    Swan Valley TAFE

High Risk Licences:

  • Forklift (LF)
    Training Course Experts
  • Elevated Work Platform (EWP)
    Training Course Experts


  • Load Restraint (LR)
    Training Course Experts
  • Provide First Aid (FA)
    Training Course Experts
  • Fire Attack Training (Fire)
    Training Course Experts
  • Construction White Card
    Training Course Experts

Technical Skills: Internet, Social Media

Industry & Work Experience

Mondo Meats
General hand

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Preparing sausages hamburgers roasts ,all sorts of meat products.
  • Working in the freezer sorting meat products for orders.
  • Maintain a safe, clean and efficent workplace.


Make sure meat is of a high quality standard and within environmental standards
Crown Mushrooms 2010 to 2011
Forklift operator / Yardhand

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Operating forklift stacking wooden crates of mushroom.
  • Preparing mushroom mix in an industrial mixer then placing into loader bucket and input to feeder machine.
  • Loading crates onto truck pack and stack into cool room, then feed old crates through machine to dispose old mushroom crates.


Completing duties to a high and efficient standard.
Limestone building block company 2009 to 2010

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Heavy machine operator saw shed cutting limestone blocks into smaller sizes for customers.
  • Strapping pallets of limestone blocks and loading trucks for orders.
  • Operating forklift picking up and stacking blocks on pallets.


Pack and stack limestone blocks for orders.

Work Attributes

  • Adaptability/Flexibility: I am open to change (positive or negative) and to considerable variety in the workplace.
  • Attention to detail: Being careful about details and thorough in completing work tasks, while being open to change and adaptable to team members ideas.
  • Communication and teamwork: Developed through my years of various jobs, voluntary work and varying sporting endeavour.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

  • Gym : Maintain fitness and health for a balance of work and home life.
  • Looking after my nine year old daughter.: Helping her grow and develop into a great child and person.


Cerah Woodland
Training Course Experts Training manager