Jarrad Mccracken

phonePhone: 0447319495 (Only Employers can see this information)
location_onSuburb: Two Rocks

Employment Objective

I seek employment in the Logistics industry. My key proven skills are working with computers, arithmetic, recording and transcribing information. I would be an asset to an employer because of my personal attributes, especially time management, interacting with computers and communicating with customers. I would prefer to work in and office environment after working on the workplace floor. I am available for work immediately

Key Trade Skills

  • ✓ Communicating with customers
  • ✓ Controlling Stock
  • ✓ Interacting With Computers
  • ✓ Maintain Safety and Health
  • ✓ Performing Administrative Activities
  • ✓ Time Management

Qualifications & Certificates

Technical Skills: Database, Internet, Presentation, Social Media, Spreadsheets, Word Processing

Work Attributes

  • Analytical Thinking: I enjoy analyzing information and using logic to address work-related issues and problems.
  • Integrity: I am honest and ethical.
  • Persistence: I am persistent in the face of obstacles.