Muad Mohamed

location_onSuburb: KEWDALE

Employment Objective

I desire to gain employment at any entry level in logistics or  mining to secure a responsible career to fully utilize my training skills, while significantly contributing to the success of the organisation. I am multi-skilled individual with strengths in  operating machines, time management and good interpersonal skills. In my most recent employment I worked in a fast paced environment as a retail assistant it taught me time management, mainly because I had to open and close the store on time hence am sure this will be useful in my future roles, It also taught me great interpersonal skills because I worked with and served people from all sorts of backgrounds ethnicities and cultures.

Key Trade Skills

  • ✓ Communicating with customers
  • ✓ Controlling Machines & Processes
  • ✓ General Physical Activities
  • ✓ Handling & Moving Objects
  • ✓ Operating Equipment
  • ✓ Time Management

Qualifications & Certificates


  • Highschool graduate
    Muranga High School

High Risk Licences:

  • Forklift (LF)
    Training Course Experts
  • Order Picker (LO)
    Training Course Experts


  • Other
  • Provide First Aid (FA)
    Training Course Experts
  • Traffic Management
    Restrain Traffic Manager

Technical Skills: Social Media

Industry & Work Experience

Diamond Shop 2016-2020

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Arranging stock
  • Keeping the store clean;tidying.
  • Serving customers and handling cash


Learnt great time management and interpersonal skills that I am sure will help me in future roles.
ALDI 2017-2018
Shop Assistant

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Serving Customers.
  • Arranging stock.
  • Cash handling


I was able to develop my interpersonal skills and also enhance my physical prowess, I can lift up to 15kg with ease which I will be useful for me in the future.

Duties & Responsibilities:


Work Attributes

  • Collaborative Team Member: Ability to collaborate with other team members. This is demonstrated by group work assignments, my commitment to multiple sports teams, large work environments and the jobs I have previously worked in which have numerous employees which would vary daily.
  • Dependability: Being physically fit it allows me to work hard with ease. I am reliable, responsible, and dependable and happy to fill in at short notice.
  • Integrity: I am honest and ethical.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

  • Playing soccer.: Over the year of playing soccer it has developed a winner mentality in me which I have easily transferred to other areas of my life, I am sure my work life will be no different.
  • Going to the gym: It has improved my mental health and well being to ensure I give my best self when working.


Cerah Woodland.
Training Course Experts. Training Manager.
Suadha Abdi Maow.
Diamond shop. Shop owner